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We are delighted to bring you our new range of Sainsbury’s own brand products through 2020 and beyond.

This new partnership will allow us to bring you, our customers, the best of Sainsbury’s fabulous range of own label products –  by Sainsbury’s, Taste the Difference, SO Organic, FreeFrom and lots more..


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By Sainsbury’s is the largest of the Sainsbury’s own label brands and provides a wide range of quality products that offer great value for money across the store.

This range of products will be available across most product areas including fresh, chilled, frozen and packaged goods.


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Taste the Difference is the premium offering within Sainsbury’s own brand ranges. All products in the range are made with the best ingredients to ensure quality and taste – that’s why you can taste the difference.

Taste the Difference products can be found within fresh, chilled, frozen and packaged goods.


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The FreeFrom range of products are free from any one of six allergens – gluten, wheat, milk, egg, nut and soya – colour coded to tell you which allergens are excluded from each product.

FreeFrom product areas include fresh, chilled, frozen and packaged goods.

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Can't spare the time to browse the huge choice at the Winerite Neighbourhood Food Store? Just ask and our friendly assistants will steer you straight to the bottles that tick all your boxes, including your budget.

You won't find a wider selection of beers, wines and spirits elsewhere on the Island and if you're planning a party we've got all the other essentials too. We also offer sale or return on cases and free glass hire on all orders over £250.*

Champagne? You've come to the definitive source! When it comes to fizz we simply won't be beaten. Not only all the great names, but fantastic offers all year round.

*Terms and conditions apply, ask in-store for details.

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Food that's fast - and really good for you. Grab and go or relax at the Subway Cafe in Shoprite Peel and Port Erin.

With the emphasis on freshness and healthy eating Subway and Shoprite are natural partners. From breakfast onwards there's a Sub or salad for the moment – hand-made fresh in front of you. Delicious at any time of day with great money saving special offers week in week out.

Shoprite, Derby Road, Peel

Monday – Saturday     

8am – 7.30pm


9am – 5.30pm  


Shoprite, Bridson Street, Port Erin  

Monday 8am - 7pm

Tuesday 8am - 5pm

Wednesday 8am - 7pm

Thursday 8am - 7pm

Friday 8am - 7pm

Saturday 8am - 7pm

Sunday 9am - 5.30pm


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Brands Lloyds

With over 1,650 pharmacies serving local communities across the UK, LloydsPharmacy is one of the biggest pharmacy chains. But to our customers what makes them different is that they know you as an individual and understand your needs.

You can find Lloyds Pharmacy outlets in store in Shoprite Douglas and Ramsey and in Village Walk near our Onchan store.

Opening Hours:

Opening Hours are currently subject to change


Monday – Friday

9am – 6.30pm


9am – 5.30pm


10am – 2pm





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