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Wednesday 14th April 2021

Subway Latest News

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Shoprite News - Face Coverings

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Shoprite News - Face Coverings

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Shoprite News - essentials

Thursday 18th June 2020

Shoprite News - essentials

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Winerite Glass Loan

Monday 16th July 2018

Glass Loan

Terms and Conditions:

Free glass hire on all orders over £250.

Deposit of £40 — refundable on glasses returned washed after use.

If the loan glasses are returned dirty the £40 Deposit will be non-refundable.

Non-returned or damaged glasses will be charged at £1 per glass for all types.

Replacements for non-returned or damaged loan glasses will not be accepted.

Glasses must be returned on the date agreed with the Duty Manager.

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Carrier Bags - Reducing our plastic bag consumption

Friday 2nd February 2018

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