Manx Food

Our business is built on over 45 years of working closely with our local farmers, growers and other Manx producers. 

In fact we are their biggest champion and it’s something we are proud of.

We support and promote many Manx food producers where the quality matches, and often exceeds, that of imported products.

The local artisan food movement and the prosperity of our Manx farmers, growers, producers and manufacturers is essential for maintaining the Island’s beautiful landscape and independent identity.

We believe that, where possible, it’s important to know where your food comes from.

In the case of our Manx meat, milk and cheese and other products, we believe it’s better quality and better for the environment when raised in the fresh air on the field that surround us.

Noa Bakehouse provides us with a lot of our bread and most of our eggs come from Gellings and Finann’s free range hens.

We fundamentally believe that our Manx meat – Ballacushag Farms - is some of the best meat that you will ever taste with a flavour and tenderness that is unbeatable.