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Our Mission

We believe that local people, communities, schools, shops, farmers, producers and local Manx businesses – are all stronger when we work together.

That's why you’ll find we’re the biggest supporters of the Manx farming and food and drink industry.

It’s why you'll find Ballacushag Farms Manx meat.

You’ll also find Manx eggs from Gellings; fresh produce from local growers such as Allanson's; Davison’s Manx dairy ice cream; Noa Bakehouse bread; Laxey Glen Mills flour and milk, butter and cheese from IOM Creamery. Plus locally-caught fish, kippers and any number of specialities from Paddy's Fish.

Why? Because produce tastes better when its provenance is assured. Because everything tastes better when it doesn’t have far to travel. Because buying local boosts the Island’s economy. Because working together increases the income of thousands of Manx families via the Multiplier effect – over and above the people we train and employ.

Through our 160 Isle of Man based suppliers and their 3000+ employees, we’re the biggest buyers of Manx produce and products.

In partnership with our top 5 suppliers, we jointly employ over 1600 local people and contribute over £100m each year in economic benefit to the Island.

As one of the Island’s top 5 employers we provide jobs and training for over 600 local people. 

All the VAT collected and taxes paid by us directly benefits the Manx economy.

Our group activities contribute to the income of thousands of Island families.

We protect the Island’s food supplies with the biggest warehouse capacity.

We serve all of the Island’s communities.

We are proud to support the fundraising activities of over 200 Manx charities and good causes each year.

Together we can be different and make a difference for our Island.

For the benefit of us all on Mann.