Clubmann General Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions are between Shoprite (Isle of Man) Limited (“We/Our/Us”) and ClubMANN Members (“You/Your”). 


Additional terms and conditions relating to specific ClubMANN promotions may apply.  Please see our ClubMANN Rewards Terms & Conditions.


Signing up and any participation in ClubMANN indicates acceptance of all terms and conditions by you.


We reserve the right to terminate ClubMANN, to stop promotions and to amend any terms and conditions at any time and without notice. 


We reserve the right to decline or cancel your ClubMANN Membership at any time and without notice.


ClubMANN Membership is only available to Manx residents aged 18 years and over.


ClubMANN cards and key fobs are available free of charge.


When a ClubMANN card or key fob is presented at a till, all purchases will be recorded on the ClubMANN database and may qualify you for ClubMANN promotions.


A ClubMANN card is not a cheque guarantee, debit or credit card and is not transferable; it is issued as and remains our property.


Shoprite vouchers issued in respect of ClubMANN promotions (“Vouchers”) will expire on the last day of the month following the month of issue.  See Vouchers for expiration dates and additional terms and conditions.  Vouchers must be presented at the till at the time of purchase.  Vouchers must be spent in full on redemption; change will not be given if the full value of a Voucher is not spent.   Damaged or copied Vouchers will not be accepted.


Please Contact Us about any changes to your personal details.


We accept no responsibility for any:

  1. lost, stolen or damaged ClubMANN cards or key fobs;

  2. lost, stolen or damaged Shoprite Vouchers issued in respect of ClubMANN promotions;

  3. computer or equipment failure resulting in lost qualifying transactions from the ClubMANN database; or

  4. loss of qualifying transactions or Shoprite Vouchers issued in respect of ClubMANN promotions incurred as a result of us holding out-of-date ClubMANN contact details for you.


Any changes we make to these terms and conditions in the future will be posted on our website; please check back to see any changes.


Please Contact Us with any queries, comments or requests about these terms and conditions.

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